Good Deeds Social Club

Who are we?

“Good Deeds Social Club” is a club for young people, similar to a book club, but focused on creating friendships and doing good deeds in the meantime.

We are an organization based in Copenhagen with the mission to connect young people and create a community through good deeds.

Our vision is to create a community where no young person feels lonely or without purpose in life.

What do we offer?

To organizations

We offer organized voluntary labor to organizations and institutions, for example, events or as extra help within the organization’s framework. We are young people who want to do something meaningful, whether it’s collecting rubbish in the streets, arranging games at a nursing home, collecting elderflowers with a kindergarten, or making soup for a daycare center.

To members

We offer a community of like-minded young people who want to be part of a community where you can meet new people and have fun in a safe, inclusive environment. Together with a team, you can carry out meaningful, charitable volunteer work.

What is your idea for our next project?

About us

We are Good Deeds Social Club, an organization with a mission to connect young people and create a community through meaningful and charitable volunteer work.

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